Saudi Arabia caps medical consultation fees
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Saudi Council of Health Insurance has announced a standardized fee structure for medical consultations, setting a maximum cap across the board for general physicians, specialist consultants, and experts in rare disciplines.

The move aims to regulate the healthcare sector, ensuring that healthcare costs are kept within a reasonable range for the Saudi public.

As per the council's directives, the consultation fee for a general physician, also known as a first deputy physician, has been set between SR100 and SR150. The council revealed this new policy in a tweet, adding to their commitment to transparency and public awareness.

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Furthermore, specialist consultants, termed second deputy physicians, will have a fee range between SR200 and SR300. These specialists encompass a broad range of medical disciplines and often play crucial roles in diagnosing and treating more complex health conditions.

Lastly, for specialists operating in rare disciplines, a distinct category marked by limited practitioners and high expertise, the consultation fee has been capped at SR400. This step acknowledges the advanced skills and knowledge that these specialists bring to the medical community, and the unique value they offer to patients in need of their services.