REG 181125 Saudi rains 1
File picture for illustrative purposes. Significant rainfall is expected in various Saudi regions this weekend. Image Credit: Gulf New archives

Dubai: The General Directorate of Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia has issued an advisory predicting continued weather fluctuations and rainfall across most regions of the kingdom from March 21-25.

The authorities have cautioned the public to remain vigilant, urging them to seek shelter in safe locations and avoid areas prone to flooding or the accumulation of rainwater.

The directorate has warned against swimming in floodwaters, highlighting the significant risk to life such situations pose. The public is also encouraged to follow closely the safety instructions disseminated by the directorate across various media channels and social networking sites.

The forecasted weather changes, including potential rainfall, are expected to affect numerous areas, including Turbah, Raniyah, Al Mawiya, Al Khurmah, and Al Ardiyat in the Mecca region, extending to Al Baha, Asir, Jazan, Al Jouf, Hail, Al Qassim, the Eastern Province, and the Northern Borders Region. Additionally, significant weather shifts and precipitation are anticipated in Riyadh and its surrounding cities and districts.

The Civil Defence has issued specific warnings for areas projected to receive moderate to heavy rainfall, which might trigger flash floods, hailstorms, and dust storms.

The statement further notes that cities like Mecca, Al Jumum, Taif, Maysan, Adham, Riyadh, Medina, Jazan, and Hail are expected to encounter light to moderate rains, increasing the likelihood of sudden torrential downpours, hail, and dust storms, urging the public to exercise caution and prioritise safety during this period.