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Currently, 50,699 violators are facing legal procedures. Representational image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Saudi Ministry of Interior has announced that a total of 17,463 individuals have been arrested for violating residency, labour and border security regulations.

The arrests were made as part of the joint field campaigns executed by various security force units across the Kingdom from November 16 to 22.

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A total of 10,856 individuals were apprehended for infringing the residency system, 3,934 for contravening border security rules and 2,673 for breaking labour laws.

Additionally, authorities detained 773 people attempting to illegally cross into the Kingdom. Among these, 44 per cent were Yemeni nationals, 45 per cent Ethiopian, and 11 per cent of other nationalities. There were also 54 individuals caught trying to exit Saudi Arabia illegally.

The campaign also led to the arrest of 11 persons involved in the transportation and harbouring of those violating residency and work regulations, including those participating in cover-up activities.

Currently, 50,699 violators are facing legal procedures. This group comprises 44,091 men and 6,608 women. Steps have been taken to repatriate these individuals, with 44,651 referred to their diplomatic missions for travel documents, 1,617 awaiting travel reservations, and 10,197 already deported.

The Ministry of Interior has issued a stern warning, emphasising that aiding in any way with the illegal entry, transportation, or sheltering of individuals will lead to severe consequences. Those found guilty of such actions face penalties including up to 15 years of imprisonment, fines reaching SR1 million, and the confiscation of any vehicles and properties used in these illegal activities.