The handwritten letter by the grieving son to his dead mom. Image Credit: Al Marsad

Manama: A highly emotional letter by a grieving child to his dead mother in Saudi Arabia has gone viral on social media.

In the handwritten letter in Arabic, the son is begging his mother to come back home, saying he had changed and promising not to bother her anymore.

“Dear Mom, I’m writing this letter so that when I die like you I can take it with me and show you that I have never forgotten you,” the boy who was not named wrote on a piece of paper..

“I now always pray to God to grant you eternal rest in Paradise. I have changed and I now eat regularly and do what Sarah tells me to do. I no longer dirty the house. You used to tell me that I dirtied the house and that caused you extra fatigue.

“Dear Mama, I’m sorry. Please, may God bless you, come back to live with us. I pledge before God that I will obey every single instruction you give me. I will, alongside you, clean everything. I will let you sleep and will not wake you up. Please mom, may God bless you, come back,” the son wrote in his letter published by Saudi news site Al Marsad.

Social media users expressed deep sympathy with the son, praising him as “impressively grateful” and “wonderfully thankful” to his mother.

“I have not stopped crying since I first read the letter,” one user posted.

“The pain of losing a parent is excruciating especially for a child. May God help him and may He grant his mother eternal peace.”

Another user said that he admired the genuine feelings of a young boy towards his mother.

“Despite their simplicity, his words go straight to the heart. I challenge anyone not to be affected while reading how a young child is expressing his love for his mother and his pain at losing her. His sentimental message was truly pure. May God reward him and his mother.”

Ibn Al Qarya, another user, said that he became emotional upon reading the letter.

“I could not hold back the tears. May God reward his mother, my own mother and all our lost ones with eternal peace in Paradise,” he posted.