2020731 haj
Last year, about 10,000 Muslims - both Saudis and foreigners - living in the Kingdom were allowed for Hajj. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: Saudi Arabia is considering “all options” for Muslim pilgrims to attend this year’s Hajj, including the possibility of allowing a limited number of pilgrims from abroad, according to a Saudi official.

Earlier this week, the kingdom said it intends to organise this year’s Hajj according to health, security and organisation controls to protect pilgrims’ health amid the global coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry of the Hajj and Umrah said related regulations and executive plans will be announced later.

“Intention exists that the Hajj will be allowed for pilgrims from inside and outside of the kingdom but in symbolic numbers as the pandemic has imposed on us some restrictions and controls to protect the pilgrims’ health,” Hesham Saeed, the undersecretary of the Saudi Ministry of the Hajj and Umrah said.

“We are evaluating the virus developments until the last minute,” he told Egyptian private television Extra News. He added that the Hajj regulations will be determined soon.

Last year’s Hajj was performed by a limited number of Saudis and foreign Muslims residing in Saudi Arabia to contain the spread of COVID-19.