A peek into Saudi fashion designs was given in Mexico last month. Image Credit: Courtesy: The Saudi Fashion Commission

Cairo: Designers from across the globe are gearing up to unveil their latest creations at a groundbreaking fashion extravaganza set to debut in Saudi Arabia next week, amidst a remarkable surge in the kingdom’s fashion industry.

The inaugural edition of Red Sea Week is slated to kick off on May 16 and will run through May 18.

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Hosted by the Saudi Government Fashion Commission at a prestigious Red Sea resort, the event promises to showcase a curated selection of luxury fashion and jewellery designs crafted by both Saudi and international talents. Among its highlights, the three-day affair will spotlight resort wear, promising a seamless blend of opulence and comfort against the backdrop of a breathtaking setting.

This event marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to diversify its economy away from reliance on oil, a key tenet of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 development initiative.

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Last October, Riyadh made headlines with its inaugural fashion week, where acclaimed Saudi designers unveiled their visionary couture. Spearheaded by the Fashion Commission, the event featured captivating collections by renowned talents such as Mohammed Ashi, who proudly showcased his creations in his hometown.

Notable figures like Adnan Akhbar, hailed as Saudi Arabia’s pioneer designer, and dubbed the “Saint Laurent of the Middle East,” also graced the runway with their innovative designs.

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Established in February 2020, the Saudi Fashion Commission is dedicated to fostering the growth of the sector, propelling its evolution, and empowering industry practitioners. Since its inception, the Commission has launched numerous training programs, workshops, and seminars aimed at enriching the prospects of the fashion industry, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to nurturing creative talent and fostering a vibrant fashion ecosystem.