Legendary singer is depressed from staying home Image Credit: Social Media

Abu Dhabi: Legendary Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu was moved to tears as he performed a concert via the Shahid VIP platform, marking the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, organised by Rotana.

It is the first by Abdu, dubbed ‘the Artist of Arabs’, after his son announced that his father had depression as a result of his presence at home throughout the curfew period, which lasted for about three months until now.

At the concert, while Mohammed Abdu presented his famous song “The Places”, he was unable to hold back his tears and cried while the concert was broadcast, due to the current situation.

His song’s lyrics:

All the places are missing you

And the eyes that reflect your lovely picture

And my soul’s longing for you sweetheart

It is not just me my darling

All the places are missing you

At that point Abdu was moved to tears.

Worries and anxiety about COVID-19 and its impact can be overwhelming. Social distancing makes it even more challenging.

Over the Eid holidays, a slew of high profile Arab pop stars took to online platforms Facebook and YouTube to perform bespoke concerts in empty venues that will hopefully evolve the regional post-pandemic live music landscape.

December 31 marked the 60th anniversary of the legendary Saudi singer’s career.

Born in the Kingdom’s Asir province on June 12, 1949. His father passed away when he was just three.

Abdu began his career in the 1960s, as he entered the world of singing at an early age.

Dubbed ‘The Artist of Arabs,’ Abdu is credited for preserving classical songs representing centuries-old Arab heritage.

His Chaabyat albums that he released through his label Voice of Al Jazeerah in the 1990s were his attempt at documenting that old tradition.

He plays an oud in a manner never seen elsewhere in any Arab singer other than Farid Al Atrash, Baligh Hamdi and Talal Maddah.

His performances are a regular feature at the “Winter at Tantora” festival held in one of the most important historically preserved sites for culture and heritage in Saudi Arabia — Al Ula Valley.