Manama: When the gunfire broke out at Al Khuzama neighbourhood, the Doha-based broadcaster Al Jazeera, quickly aired footage of the incident in an attempt to blow it out of proportion.

After Saudi authorities dismissed various rumours about the incident, people took to social media to criticise Al Jazeera for its “wishful reporting”.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, tweeted: “Demand Number 14: Putting the despicable Al Jazeera on trial for spreading lies and rumours to cause confusion in our countries.”

The minister was referring to the 13 demands issued by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to Qatar after they severed their diplomatic, trade and travel relations with it on June 5.

The Quartet accuses Qatar of supporting extremists and funding terrorism and using its media channel to propogate falsehoods and stir dissent in certain Arab countries.

Attempts to mediate between the two sides, led by Kuwait, had not succeeded to achieve any incremental progress and the four countries have been saying that Qatar had no other option but to respond positively to the 13 demands.

Under a hashtag that Qatar’s joy about the alleged heavy fires and hints of a coup was not achieved, several users expressed their dismay over disseminating false news and fake reports.