The academic calendar for the new year in Saudi Arabia will include 180 school days. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Over six million male and female students across Saudi Arabia returned to their classrooms on Sunday, marking the start of the new academic year.

Teachers and school administrators paved the way for this large-scale return, having themselves come back to schools a week earlier, ensuring all preparations were in place for a smooth transition.

The educational departments across the Kingdom’s regions and governorates have been actively involved in laying the groundwork for this academic start. They have strategically coordinated with more than half a million teachers spanning various school levels.

Highlighting the academic calendar for the year 1445 AH, the Ministry of Education provided clarity on the structure of the academic year. The calendar, covering general, university, technical, and vocational training, is spread across three semesters, totalling 38 academic weeks. The year will include 180 school days. Additionally, students can look forward to 60 days of intermittent breaks during the academic year, coupled with a generous 68-day summer vacation.

The first semester commenced on Sunday 4/2/1445 AH, equating to 20/8/2023 AD, and will culminate on Thursday 2/5/1445 AH, corresponding to 16/11/2023 AD.

Following shortly, the second semester is set to begin on Sunday 12/5/1445 AH, which is 26/11/2023 AD, wrapping up on Thursday 12/8/ 1445 AH or 22/2/2024 AD. The academic year will be rounded off with the third semester, commencing on Sunday 22/8/ 1445 AH (3/3/2024 AD) and concluding on Monday 4/12/1445 AH, which translates to 10/6/2024 AD.