Manama: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday executed 37 Saudis after they were convicted of terrorism.

“The individuals were found guilty of adopting the extremist terrorist ideology, forming terrorist cells to corrupt and disrupt security, spreading chaos, provoking sectarian strife and undermining peace and social security,” the interior ministry said in a statement.

“They were also guilty of attacking security headquarters using explosive bombs, killing several security officers, and of treason through cooperation with hostile parties to the detriment of the country’s highest interests.”

The death sentences were upheld by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court and approved by a royal order, the ministry said.

The sentences were carried out in six different areas – Riyadh, Makkah, Madina, Eastern Province, Al Qasim and Aseer.

The 37 were named as:

1. Ahmad Hassan Ali Al Rabee.

2. Ahmad Hussain Ali Al Aradi.

3. Ahmad Faisal Hassan Al Darwish.

4. Jaber Zuhair Jaber Al Marhoon.

5. Hussain Hassan Ali Al Rabee.

6. Hussain Ali Jassim Al Humaidi.

7. Hussain Qassem Ali Al Abboud.

8. Hussain Mohammad Ali Al Musallam.

9. Haidar Mohammad Ibrahim Al Leif.

10. Khaled Hamoud Jawir Al Faraj.

11. Khaled Abdul Karim Saleh Al Tuwaijri.

12. Salem Abdullah Awad Al Amri Al Harbi.

13. Saeed Mohammad Saeed Al Scafi.

14. Salman Amin Salman Al Quraish.

15.  Sulaiman Al Harbi.

16. Tahir Muslim Sulaiman Al Harbi.

17. Abbas Haji Ahmad Al-Hassan.

18. Abdul Aziz Hassan Ali Al-Sahawi.

19. Abdul Karim Mohammad A Hawaj.

20. Abdullah Salman Saleh Al Asrij.

21. Abdullah Adel Hassan Aujan.

22. Abdullah Hani Abdullah Al Tarif.

23. Aziz Mahdi Abdullah Al Rafi Al Amri.

24. Ali Hussain Ali Al Ashour.

25. Ali Hussain Ali Al Muhanna.

26. Fadel Hassan Abdul Karim Badad.

27. Mujtaba Nader Abdullah Al Sweikt.

28. Mohammad Hussain Ali Al Ashour.

29. Mohammad Saeed Abd Rab Al Rasool Al Khatam.

30. Mohammad Ayed Mohammad Al Namlan Al Qahtani.

31. Mohammad Abdul Ghani Mohammad Attieh.

32. Mohammad Mansour Ahmad Al Nasser.

33. Mustafa Ahmad Abdullatif Darwish.

34. Muntader Ali Saleh Al Sobaiti.

35. Munir Abdullah Ahmad Al Adam.

36. Hadi Yousef Reda Al Hazim.

37. Yousef Abdullah Awad Al Amri.