Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir Image Credit: SPA

Jeddah: The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel Bin Ahmad Al Jubeir, expressed the hope of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt that Qatar’s response to the four countries’ demands is positive, so a solution can be found to the ongoing crisis.

“The four countries are keen to build the best relations with our brothers in Qatar,” Al Jubeir said, as quoted by the Saudi Press Agency.

“The aim of the measures that have been taken is to change the policies of Qatar, which we consider to be detrimental to Qatar, the countries of the region and the world.

“Then, we will take the appropriate attitude towards them.”

Speaking during a joint press conference with visiting German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Al Jubeir termed their talks ‘fruitful and constructive’.

The Saudi minister said they had discussed a range of issues and ways of consolidating the relationship between the two countries, in addition to regional issues including the latest developments in Palestine, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

The minister said the two sides agreed that Qatar should stop financing terrorism and extremism and refrain from spreading hatred and interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries.

Gabriel expressed support for the efforts of Kuwait in mediating the Gulf crisi to reach a solution that restores good relations between GCC countries and ensures the stability of the region in general from terrorism and financing. He pointed to the historic good relations between Saudi Arabia and Germany and the mutual interests of the two countries.

On the situation in Yemen, the unity of Iraq, the situation in Syria, the situation in the Gulf, the fight against terrorism and extremism, he pointed to the successful talks conducted on Monday, asserting that “we must succeed in ending terrorism in the region and working to stabilise the security of the Gulf and the region”.

Asked about involvement of Qatar in harbouring terrorists and spreading incitement and hatred, Al Jubeir said this was not acceptable.

He pointed out that Germany has not changed its position on the issue of Qatar, indicating that a meeting of Arab and Gulf countries will be held next Wednesday and the four countries will examine the demands and take a position on the next step.