Muscat: The deep tropical depression over the west of the Arabian Sea is moving closer to Oman's coast and could bring rainfall varying from heavy to very heavy thunderstorms, according to the Directorate of Meteorology and Air Navigation.

The rainfall is likely over the central region, in south, east and northern parts of Oman. "It would rain for the next three days with intensity gradually increasing," a forecaster said.

The Met Department said that the trough of low extending from Iran would continue to impact north of the Sultanate with isolated rain and varying thunderstorms, sometimes accompanied by winds of and fall of hailstones on Muscat, South Batinah, North Batinah, Musandam, Buraimi, the Interior and the North and south Sharqiyah.

The Directorate has urged residents to be careful and stay away from valleys and advised fishermen not to venture into the sea.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) update says that the Arabian Sea basin is now hosting a second developing storm after Cyclone Keila erupted in a landfall over the Yemen-Oman coast last week.

The latest one, cyclone ‘04A', is expected to undergo another round of intensification to become a deep depression, the IMD update says.

Keila caused widespread rains in Oman's southern region and also sank Indian ship MSV Shiv Sagar MNV 2169 of Sadah town in the south.

Passing ships in the Arabian Sea have been advised to keep clearer from the path of the brewing storm.