Image Credit: Oman news agency

Dubai: Oman’s Supreme Committee for Tackling COVID-19 has decided to lift the shutdown on Muscat entirely from Friday, May 29, Oman's national news agency said on Wednesday.

Omani authorities enforced the lockdown on the province of Muscat on April 10 to control the spread of coronavirus in the province of Muscat, including the capital city,

The move is part of a slew of decisions to ease restrictions that have been in place to stem the coronavirus outbreak.

As per the new decisions, public sector employees will resume work gradually, with the attendance of 50 per cent of the workforce, as of Sunday, May 31.

The committee said that at least 50 per cent of public sector employees will resume work from their offices from May 31, allowing some employees to take annual leave from their annual leave balance.

The supreme committee underlined the need for both public and private sector to put in place rules that protect their staff against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The committee highlighted the importance for all community members to abide by precautionary and preventive measures to protect their own health and not endanger others’ lives.