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Boris Johnson Image Credit: AFP
Ashley Hammond

Hopefully some semblance of sanity will be restored in 2020 with the end of Donald Trump’s presidency either through the successful completion of the impeachment process or him losing November’s election.

Since Trump came to power a lot of humanity and reason has been lost and there’s no doubt that this has had a negative effect on the rest of the world. From Brexit to India’s citizenship bill, the popularist right have been emboldened to say and do as they please, seemingly without resistance.

This has killed any form of democracy and led to a downward spiral of class and decency, where alternative views are shouted down instead of being healthily debated. You might say that Trump is just a product of the times, pandering to the public mood, but he has also helped shape the current climate and directed it to a large extent, whipping up waves of nationalism over inclusivity.

A lot of damage is already done, my native UK, for example, now has no way back from Brexit after voting Boris Johnson back in and it seems like the union is breaking up making for some very scary and uncertain times. I just hope that this next year, unlike the last few, will see some healing, togetherness and a bit more balance from the left to make the world a slightly nicer place in 2020.

It seemed like 2019 was a year of many people not having their voices heard politically and that was reflected in the riots that flared across the world from Hong Kong to Chile. With the softening of the right this will hopefully restore order.

But there needs to be some strong voices from the left to stand for these people, and hopefully 2020 will be the year where those people come forward.