People take shelter from the sun under a traffic light in Kuwait City amid a heatwave. Image Credit: AFP file

Cairo: Demand has soared for generators in Kuwait since authorities introduced rolling power cuts amid increased consumption prompted by extreme heat, dealers have said.

Last week, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water said the scheduled power cuts could happen daily for up to two hours to balance supply and demand in the country of around 4.8 million people.

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The measure has boosted the demand for generators.

“Contacts and visits to our showroom have remarkably increased since the power outage (last Wednesday),” said manager Anwar Abdullah.

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“People are asking particularly about high-production generators as a precaution measure for the days to come in case of a new power blackout,” he told Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai.

He noted that until recently his business was limited to commercial and investment enterprises, obligated under the Kuwaiti law to have standby generators, as well as to owners of chalets and farms.

“But now there is an increasing demand from other people who usually ask about their prices. Low prices mean a low quality. We are keen to make available European high-quality generators at reasonable prices,” Abdullah added.

According to him, there are adequate stocks of generators to meet the present demand at the Kuwaiti market. Still, if the demand keeps going up, I think they will not be enough. We have several orders from residential areas and farms where cuts are frequent,” he said.

Agreeing, Abdul Salam Al Zuabi, a sales manager, said the current demand can be met. “But if the increasing demand and serious buying trend continues, I think the market will suffer from a shortage,” he said.

The situation has, meanwhile, prompted owners of old generators to maintain them, according to repair technicians.

Over 40 areas in Kuwait were Wednesday hit by a power outage blamed on a surge in electricity consumption prompted by soaring temperatures.