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Dubai: More than 30,000 expats have been deported from Kuwait over the past year, an average of 82 expats a day, local media reported.

These include 660 judicial deportations while the rest were administrative due to various crimes and violations mostly due to drug abuse, fights, thefts, alcohol production, expired residency and non-compliance with the Kuwait laws.

Some of those deported were also in the interest of the public.

The total number of men who were deported were 17,000 while the rest were women. Of the deported 6,400 were Indians, 3,500 Bangladeshis and 3,000 Egyptians. While a majority of women deported were Filipinos (3,000), Sri Lankans (2,600), Indians (1,700) and Ethiopians 1,400.

In 2021, Kuwait deported 18,221 expats, including 11,177 men and 7,044 women. This means the country has seen a 40 per cent increase in the number of people deported.

According to well-informed sources, the Kuwaiti interior and health ministries will respond to parliamentary requests to coordinate to cancel the permits of expats being treated at the psychiatric hospital and deport them.

The health ministry has listed the names of expatriates who are being treated at the psychiatric hospital and categorised them according to the severity of their illness.

Those with chronic mental illnesses are in focus, and not those being treated for minor issues.

The names will be reviewed by the ministries, as some of the expat patients are almost residing at the hospital, while others are staying there permanently.