Manama: A Kuwaiti man who stole a luxury car every month to please his unsuspecting girlfriend has been arrested.

The arrest was made after the traffic police apprehended the man’s girlfriend driving a fancy car that had been reported stolen in Al Ahmadi.

When questioned, the woman said the car was a gift from her boyfriend, adding that he offered her a different car at the beginning of the month as a token of friendship and according to her whims.

However, she was shocked when the police told her that she was driving a stolen car.

She gave the police details about her boyfriend who was arrested. He admitted during the investigation that he had let his girlfriend believe he was a millionaire and that he was stealing the cars to meet her demand for luxury vehicles, Al Watan daily reported.

He added that his strategy was to steal the car keys from the special boxes that owners had in their homes and drive away with the vehicles to offer to his girlfriend.