200902 Macron
France's president Emmanuel Macron Image Credit: Bloomberg

Kuwait City: Several Kuwaiti MPs expressed outrage over President Emmanuel Macron’s recent remarks against Islam and Muslims. During a speech on Wednesday, Macron vowed not to give up cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

MP Ahmed Al Fadl stated that offending the Prophet does not follow the free speech definition outlined by the European court.

The MPs stood by the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs statement, where he expressed “dismay” over the French President’s comments and warned that they could “ignite hate, fear and violence.”

MP Osama Al Shaheen, stressed that defending Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the duty of all Muslims and that offending him is crossing a red line.

Following Macron’s comments, fifty cooperative societies in Kuwait removed French products, supporting a growing boycott movement across Arab and Muslim countries.

In addition, the Ministry of Interior authorised a 10-minute sit-in to protest the remarks made by the French President.