20201001 Sheikh Nawaf
Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Nawaf Image Credit: Reuters

Kuwait City: The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah, has reappointed Sabah Al Khaled Al Sabah as prime minister and mandated him to form a new cabinet of ministers, the Kuwaiti Centre for Government Communications said in a Tweet on Sunday.

Sabah Al Khaled was reinstated as prime minister six days after Sheikh Nawaf accepted his government’s resignation. The former ministers, including the prime minister, have been carrying out their duties and responsibilities pending the formation of a new government.

Two weeks ago, the 15 ministers submitted their resignation to the prime minister unanimously.

According to the KUNA, the government handed in their resignation, “in light of developments in the relationship between the National Assembly and the government, and what the national interest may warrant.”