A group of domestic workers arrive at the Kuwait International Airport. Image Credit: Directorate General of Civil Aviation/file

Dubai: Kuwait has introduced new regulations governing the transfer of domestic workers from Visa 20 (domestic sector) to Visa 18 (private sector), according to the Office of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Interior, Sheikh Fahad Al Yousuf Al Sabah.

This decision is set to streamline the transfer process while adhering to the country’s legal frameworks for labour mobility.

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According to the decision, effective July 14 domestic workers can transfer to the private sector under specific conditions.

The conditions outlined in Article One of the decision include obtaining approval from the current employer, a minimum residency period of one year with the current employer and a transfer fee of 50 dinars (about Dh600).

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Additionally, there is an extra charge of 10 dinars for each year of service with the current employer.

Further details of the decision include the temporary suspension of Clause No. 9 of Article One in Ministerial Resolution No. 57/A of 2016 and Article No. 10 of Administrative Resolution No. 842 of 2015 for the duration of this new regulation.

This new fee and regulatory framework aim to ensure that transfers are conducted fairly and transparently, providing clear guidelines for both employers and employees.

The decision will be published in the Official Gazette, and relevant authorities are instructed to enforce its provisions promptly.