File photo: Kuwait International Airport in Farwaniya Governorate, Kuwait. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: A well-informed source from Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has revealed that the deportation administration set a new record last year by deporting an unprecedented number of expatriates for violating local laws.

According to statistics covering the period from January 1 to December 31, a total of 42,892 expatriates were deported, comprising 25,191 men and 17,701 women.

Out of these deportations, 42,265 were categorised as administrative deportations, which included 24,609 men and 17,656 women. Additionally, there were 627 judicial deportations, consisting of 582 men and 45 women.

The significant rise in the number of deportations has been attributed to the proactive security measures and campaigns carried out by the security services. These efforts were guided by the directives and oversight of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al Khaled.

The source stressed the government's commitment to enforcing residency laws and other regulations. Expatriates have been urged to strictly comply with these laws and avoid any violations, highlighting the ministry's keenness to maintain legal order and security.