A nurse in Kuwait faces charges of embezzling COVID-19 vaccines from her workplace and administering them to her friends. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: An Indonesian nurse, arrested last week in Kuwait, faces charges of embezzling COVID-19 vaccines from her workplace for two compatriots, local media reported.

The 47-year-old nurse, admitted in police investigations that she had stolen Pfizer jabs from a medical centre where she works and administered them to her two countrywomen inside her apartment for free, saying her act aimed to protect them from COVID-19.

The nurse also admitted to have stolen two shots and hidden them inside a bag full of ice and offered the vaccine to her two friends.


The case came to police’s attention upon a tip-off that an Indonesian expatriate had got vaccinated against COVID-19 although she had not officially registered to get the jab. When arrested, the woman said she had got the shot through her friend, who is a nurse, according to a security source.

Their third friend was also arrested. The nurse faces charges of embezzlement while her two friends are accused of illegally obtaining vaccination.

It is not clear yet if the two women, aged 36 and 41 years, who got the first shot of the vaccine will be allowed to legally receive the second.