A Saudi man smokes his last cigarette before being hanged for the murder of a compatriot just west of the capital Kuwait City on Monday. Image Credit: AFP

Manama: Kuwaiti authorities on Monday morning executed three men sentenced to death in separate murder cases.

The Pakistani, Saudi and Bidoon (stateless resident) were executed in the Central Prison at 8am in the presence of the public prosecutor and delegates from the justice and interior ministries, Al Watan site reported.

Each of the three men was allowed a final visit by their families before they were kept separately in different rooms prior to the execution, it said.

The Saudi, identified by local daily Al Rai as Faisal Al Utaibi, was sentenced to die after he was found guilty of deliberately killing his friend while the Pakistani, Pervez Ghulam, was executed for strangling a couple to death.

The stateless resident, Dhaher Al Utaibi, was sentenced to death for killing his wife, son and daughter and attempting to kill another daughter. He reportedly claimed he was the Awaited Mahdi, the 12th Imam in Shiite belief, expected to emerge from hiding and appear at the world’s end to establish a reign of peace and righteousness.

News about the executions on Sunday triggered a wave of comments on the internet, mostly supporting the death penalty.

However, allegations that the executions would be carried out live on Kuwait Television were strongly denied by the information ministry.

Mohammad Al Duaij, the head of the executive prosecution, said that the executions were endorsed by the Emir last week after the court of cassation upheld the death sentence against each of the murderers.

“The April 1 date was selected by the public prosecutor,” he said, according to Al Rai.

He attributed the presence of journalists at the hanging to help deter the occurrence of crimes.

“There are around 48 people sentenced to the death penalty in Kuwait who have used up all their recourses. They are now on death row, but we are waiting for the endorsement of the Emir,” he said.

The last execution in Kuwait was carried out in May 2007.