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Dubai: Kuwait’s security forces have arrested an Arab man for robbing 30,000 dinars from a bank, local media reported.

The suspect, who was disguised in an abaya , on Thursday broke into the Burgan Bank branch in the Taima neighbourhood of Al Jahra and stabbed the guard in his chest before stealing 30,000 dinars.

Teams of police officers, forensic experts and paramedics rushed to the scene after receiving a report about the robbery. The injured security guard was transferred to hospital.

Upon investigation, the jobless suspect man made detailed confessions of his crime, which he planned for about a month ago. He told interrogators that he bought a toy gun, black abaya and niqab and a women’s handbag to use when committing his robbery.

The suspect said he was forced to commit the crime due to unemployment and debts.  He was referred to public prosecution and remanded in police custody pending further investigation and trial.