Stock Kuwait city skyline
A view of Kuwait City skyline. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cairo: Local authorities in the Kuwaiti capital have started enforcing a ban issued over a decade ago on hanging clothes in public, an official has said

Governor of Kuwait City Talal Al Khaled added that 16 notifications have been issued for owners of residential buildings where violations were exposed.

“The phenomenon of hanging clothes and furnishings at the fronts of buildings distort the public view in some parts of the governorate and constitutes a glaring violation of the State Ministry for Municipal Affairs’ decision No 190 for the year 2008,” he added in press remarks.

The decision bans cleaning carpets and furnishings on front balconies, and hanging and drying clothes in residential places overlooking roads and public squares.

“The governorate is keen to fully activate this ban in cooperation with the bodies concerned for public interests,” Al Khaled said.

“It is necessary for all citizens and foreign residents to comply with this decision to avoid legal liability,” he added without specifying penalties for violators.