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Cairo: An expatriate, accused of slaying three Kuwaitis from one family, hanged himself to death inside prison, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has said.

The suspect, an Indian man, was arrested earlier this month allegedly for murdering three Kuwaitis - a father, a mother and their daughter - in a crime that shocked Kuwait.

The victims were fatally stabbed by a sharp tool.

Al Rai newspaper, citing unidentified sources, reported that the accused committed suicide by hanging himself using his underwear.

Prosecutors and criminal evidence police were notified of the incident, it added without details.

The Interior Ministry said earlier that after examining footage from surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the house where the three had been killed, it was found that an anonymous person had entered the house before the crime.

The person was later identified and arrested in the area of Salibiya in Al Jahra governorate. He was a man holding Indian nationality, according to the ministry.

The suspect headed to the victims’ house on the day of the crime to take money he had earlier requested and brought with him a bag including clothes to change the ones who was wearing in a sign of his plan to commit the murder, the ministry said.

After perpetrating the crime, he searched the house and found KD300 and gold jewellery that he later sold, the ministry added. Sale bills were found in his possession.

The suspect admitted to having killed the family allegedly because he was burdened with debts, Al Rai reported at the time.

Fingerprints at the site of the crime and a DNA test were identical to the suspect’s, the paper added.

The bodies of the three were discovered by the mother’s brother in their house in the area of Al Ardiya in Al Farwaniya governorate.

Initial inspection showed that the crime was perpetrated four days earlier and the smell of the corpses spread in the place. The multiple murder was dubbed “Al Ardiya crime” in the Kuwaiti media.