Stress hormone linked to higher blood sugar in diabetics
Reports said that the young man was under the impression he had diabetes and was undergoing treatment for the condition. Illustrative image. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A young Kuwaiti, in his twenties, has experienced severe health consequences, including infertility and significant vision loss, following a prolonged misdiagnosis.

For 12 years, he was treated for diabetes based on an erroneous medical diagnosis, only to discover recently that he never had the condition.

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Local media reports indicate that the young man was under the impression he had diabetes, following a diagnosis made at a hospital.

He underwent treatment for over a decade before a subsequent examination at the same hospital revealed the absence of the disease.

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The young man’s defence lawyer, Mustafa Mulla Youssuf, has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation and accountability for the grievous error. The wrongful diagnosis and subsequent medication have led to his client becoming infertile and suffering a considerable loss of eyesight, impacting his daily life and ability to drive.

Youssuf, in his case, stated that his client initially visited the hospital 12 years ago for a health check, where he was surprisingly diagnosed with diabetes. Following the doctor’s advice, he continuously took medication for years. It was only during a recent visit to the hospital that another doctor corrected the diagnosis, leading to the shocking revelation of the consequences.

The specific hospital involved in the case and whether its administration has acknowledged the medical error remain unnamed in the reports.

This case has raised significant concerns about medical practices and the need for accountability in the healthcare sector.