Indians wait to refill oxygen cylinders for COVID-19 patients at a gas supplier facility in New Delhi, India. Image Credit: AP

Cairo: A ship carrying medical aid and oxygen supply from Kuwait has reached India as part of a continued relief campaign pledged by the Gulf country in support of India as it grapples with a surge in COVID-19, according to a Kuwaiti diplomat.

The vessel docked at India’s Mumbai port Saturday loaded with 75 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen and 1,000 oxygen cylinders, Kuwait’s Ambassador in India Jassim Al Najim added.

The total oxygen supply from Kuwait to India is expected to reach 1,400 metric tonnes in the next two weeks, the envoy told Kuwait’s official news agency KUNA. “With this huge amount, Kuwait becomes one of the top countries supplying India with oxygen,” he added.

Late last month, Kuwait declared solidarity with India to help it cope with a dramatic surge in the virus infections, and pledged to send oxygen and other medical supplies to the South Asian country.

Commercial flights

Kuwait last month suspended all commercial flights with India until further notice due to the health situation there.

The ban applies to passengers directly coming from India or through a third country unless they have stayed for at least 14 days outside India.

Indians in Kuwait are almost 1 million, being one of the largest foreign communities in the Gulf country.

Exempted from the ban, which went into effect on April 24, are Kuwaiti citizens, their first-degree relatives (husband, wife and children) and accompanying domestic workers.