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Expatriates wait for mandatory coronavirus testing in a makeshift testing centre in Mishref, Kuwait on March 14. Image Credit: REUTERS

Cairo: The Kuwaiti government has announced further measures, including the closure of commercial facilities in the country in an effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Eight more cases were confirmed Sunday, raising to 112 the total in Kuwait, the Health Ministry said in an update.

The government ordered the shutdown of commercial complexes, shopping malls and public markets with the exception of food supply outlets, the official Kuwaiti news agency Kuna reported.

The shutdown also includes theme parks, barber shops and hairdressing salons.

As part of the new restrictions taking effect starting Sunday, no more than five clients are allowed inside restaurants and cafes at the same time. Furthermore, people waiting in queues are required to have a one-metre space between each other.

Authorities have urged citizens and foreign residents to keep indoors and not to go out unless necessary.

In recent weeks, Kuwait has enforced a string of precautionary measures to contain the spread of the virus. On Friday, the country started halting flights with the outside world.

Kuwait also gave all employees a two-week holiday starting Thursday and extended the closure of educational institutions as part of the preventive measures.