Manama: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is to launch a massive marshall-style plan to assist Bahrain and Oman who have been hit by security unrest, a Kuwaiti daily has reported.

Al Qabas on Wednesday said that the two countries are facing living conditions problems and the GCC is working on addressing the issue through massive aid-packages.

A Gulf summit could be held to discuss the developments, the daily said, citing "highly-placed" sources that it did not name.

According to the daily, the GCC plan will seek to improve economic conditions and living standards in Bahrain and Oman and includes four major points.

Under the plan, the GCC will work on improving economic, social and living conditions of Omani and Bahraini citizens.

It will also provide houses to needy citizens in both countries and will seek new employment opportunities for young men and women seeking jobs.

The plan will also work on enhancing services offered by Bahrain and Oman to their citizens, the daily said.

The sources said that the labour markets in the other four GCC countries will be used to employ Bahrainis and Omanis who will be given employment priorities and benefits.

The sources told the paper that there were differences between the situations in Bahrain and Oman and that the people in Oman were not calling for a change of the government or the constitution.

"Omanis want better living conditions and solutions to the unemployment problem," the source was quoted as saying by the Kuwaiti daily.

However, the source said that the call in Bahrain to change the regime was "unacceptable".

"The political regime in Bahrain has full support from the GCC countries," the source said. "The dialogue is now stalled, but the most important thing is to keep external influence away."