Dubai: Bahrain on Thursday reinstated the online edition of Al Wasat newspaper, lifting the ban it imposed on Monday.

In a brief statement, the information ministry said that “media need to avoid publishing and posting anything that incites divisions or discord within the community, undermines national unity or disturbs peace.”

The ministry said it remained fully committed to dealing with “anything that could prejudice Bahrain and the unity of its people” and that “it would not hesitate to take the required measures to prevent any damage to the interests of Bahrain and its security and stability.”

All parties must always consider Bahrain’s highest interests and contribute to the prosperity of the nation, the ministry added.

Bahrain, a country with a total population of 1.3 million, including a large number of skilled and unskilled expatriate workers mainly from Asia, has five dailies in Arabic and two in English.

Other newspapers are published in languages of the foreign communities living in Bahrain.