Image Credit: @HamxaArbab/Twitter


Domestic violence, acids attacks and now, getting shot for “saying no” to a man, are growing threats women in Pakistan face.

Bus hostess, Mehwish Arshad’s tragic death in Faisalabad over refusing a marriage proposal has sparked conversations about sexism and violence against women in Pakistan.

Following the spread on social media of the disturbing CCTV footage of Arshad’s death earlier this week, netizens condemned the incident.

Now, hundreds are taking to online platforms in the country to raise their voice against oppression of women.

Tweep @lionessuzma posted: “Saying No is hard in Pakistan. You can’t say No to a person you don’t like... because you are a woman. A bus hostess was murdered by the bus security guard; who was trying to flirt with her and she said ‘No’ to his proposal. She was too young and was supporting her family by this job.”

Twitter user as @zofeen28 and journalist, Zofeen Ebrahim demanded answers: “For how long will the Mahwishs of Pakistan be stabbed, killed, thrown acid at for refusing a marriage proposal? And their violators go scot free...?”

Whereas, Ahsan Iftikhar Nagi @ahsannagi sought possible solutions: “We come across such cases regularly. She was just 19. Idk [I don’t know] how things will get better in Pakistan. Possibly, by making some sort of gender equality courses mandatory at as early as primary level? Idk. This is just terrible.”

Tweep @Andyrockz2012 highlighted the progress the country needs to make in terms of women empowerment. He wrote: “19-year-old, #MahwishArshad, a bus hostess was shot and killed by Umer Daraz, a security guard, for repeatedly refusing his marriage proposal. We believe that we live in a democracy but women in #Pakistan don’t even have the right to choose their life partner.”

Punjab Police have currently held Umer Daraz, Arshad’s alleged killer, who works as a security guard at the same company as her.

Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister, Hassan Askari Rizvi took notice of the 18 year-old’s murder and requested a report from Punjab Police, according to Pakistani newspaper, Daily Pakistan.