Viral video
A viral video shows a man in Rawalpindi beating his mother Image Credit: Twitter

A man severely thrashed his mother in the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, prompting outrage on social media after a video of the incident went viral on July 21.

Netizens on social media demanded justice for his mother, Gulnaz Bibi, and his sister, Zoobia Meer, as the hashtag #ZoobiaMeer trended on Twitter.

A clip of Mohammad Arsalan, Meer’s brother, beating his mother was shared online that instantly went viral.

According to reports, the altercation took place because of money and property related issues. According to Meer, the argument ended with Arsalan hitting his mother and sister while his wife stood by and watched.

Meer also released a statement claiming that her brother took valuables including jewellery and cash that belonged to her. Despite trying to launch a complaint with the police, they refused to take action and initially failed to register a First Information Report (FIR), Meer claimed.

As the issue got viral online, Rawalpindi Police posted on Twitter that a FIR has been registered.

Meanwhile, Arsalan’s wife posted a video claiming that her husband only hit his mother after he saw that his mother was beating her, his six months pregnant wife.

Arsalan has since been arrested and Rawalpindi Police have posted a video of him apologising to his mother.

Following the news, a number of Pakistani celebrities, including actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, reacted to the video, condemning Arsalan’s behaviour.

Actress Armeena Khan, @ArmeenaRK, wrote: “I’ve seen a video of this horrible human being beating his parent up. I didn’t have the heart to switch the sound on just the video upset me beyond anything. I wish I was there to protect the poor woman. This fiend and his wretched accomplice need to be put behind bars! #justice”