Hyderabad: The sale of unbranded and substandard cold drinks, prepared in poor hygienic conditions, is one of the major causes of seasonal diseases among children during summer, officials have said.

One can find numerous stalls selling such drinks on the streets, outside schools and colleges, hospitals as well as bus terminals, bazaars, shopping centers and other public places and most of the poor get attracted towards these drinks due to their lower prices.

Paediatrician Dr Salma Shaikh while told journalists on Wednesday informed that the situation worsens every summer as hot weather forces people to take such drinks, which they would have not risked during better conditions.

Shaikh warned that substandard drinks may cause diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhoea, and different kinds of infections and tonsillitis.

She said the prevalence of these diseases increased by around 60 per cent in the summer because of unhygienic food and drinks.

She suggested that the government immediately impose a ban on the sale of unhygienic cold drinks outside schools.

She also advised people to avoid buying such substandard drinks from roadside stalls and suggested that they use only boiled, filtered or mineral drinking water.

All these drinks are a health hazard, as they are prepared through the blend of fruit-colours with iced water, Shaikh said.

She appealed to the people to avoid consumption of substandard items.

Meanwhile, a survey revealed many vendors were selling juice made from stale oranges at low prices particularly near the railway station and bus and van stands.

Manny of the vendors do not observe any safety precautions while washing the utensils in which they serve juice to their customers.

Moreover, drinks are sometimes sold in reused bottles that are not cleaned properly.

The residents of Hyderabad City, Qasimabad and Latifabad have appealed the authorities concerned to take stern action against the people who are playing with the health of poor people.