Indian beggar's rendition of 1959 Jim Reeves hit goes viral
Indian beggar's rendition of 1959 Jim Reeves hit goes viral Image Credit: Screengrab/Twitter video

An old man who begs for a living in the Indian state of Bihar has found internet stardom on Twitter. A clip of “Sunny Baba”, holding a stick, wearing a smile, and a seemingly old grey shawl around his body and singing Jim Reeves’ 1959 hit, 'He'll Have to Go', went viral on April 20.

In the video that was shared by Twitter user @VandanaJayrajan, a man is heard interviewing the old man. When asked what he does to make a living in the streets of Bihar's Patna city, he replied: “I beg."

With over 21,000 views and thousands of likes, Twitter users in India seem to love Sunny Baba’s musical skills and smile. Furthermore, when was asked about his food and irrespective of the dire circumstances, he did not seem to complain. He said: "Whatever the almighty gives me, I am happy with that, I am a singer and a dancer. My name is Sunny baba."

While no one knows his real name, several tweeps called him a “superb singer” and wondered what may have brought the “talented” man to the streets. Many admired his cheerful attitude.

Tweep @BesuraTaansane posted: “Wonder what circumstances would have compelled him to be on the streets and beg! Yet he looks so content! This is a classic instance of having achieved Viveka (disenchantment) and Vairagya (detachment) from desires, and he is clearly looking inward. This is a lovely share."

Some could not help noticing that his English language seemed flawless, others said the video was priceless.

@meluji_mandeep posted: “This is REAL INDIA Clapping hands. When even a rugged looking stone promises life and hope. Priceless Indeed.”