Mumbai skyline. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Mumbai: Parking in Mumbai will be more challenging than driving after the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Mumbai Traffic Police implement new rules for vehicles in no-parking zones, with fines ranging from Rs5,000 to Rs23,000 (Dh268 to Dh1,232.9).

This will apply to all vehicles parked within a 500 metre radius of 26 authorised public parking lots and 20 designated BESTS depots in the city.

The penalty will comprise the actual fine for illegal parking and towing charges, which will come to a Rs5,000 to Rs8,300 for two-wheelers and Rs15,000 to Rs23,250 for heavy vehicles.

BMC’s notices for the new parking fines and towing charges went up in different areas of the city on Friday warning potential offenders, a civic official told IANS, requesting anonymity.

The new penalties for medium vehicles shall be Rs11,000 to Rs17,600, light motor vehicles Rs10,000 to Rs15,100 and for all types of three-wheelers Rs8,000 to Rs12,200 per violation.

The base fine will keep increasing daily for late payment charges until the maximum rate.

Mumbai has an estimated vehicle population of around three million comprising all categories.

Anticipating brawls between drivers and implementing officials, the BMC has requisitioned ex-service personnel and private security guards to help traffic police, said the official.

Initially, the new parking rules shall be implemented in dense traffic areas and in localities with sufficient alternative parking facilities. Gradually it will be extended to all other areas.

“This will curb instances of people simply parking anywhere, disappearing for brief to prolonged periods to complete some work before returning, but by that time, traffic is already in chaos, especially on main roads,” the official said.