The leopard from the wild seen attacking a man in this amateur video. Image Credit: Youtube screengrab

Fear gripped a city in south-western India after a leopard from the wild mauled three people on Sunday in Kannur, India, an amateur video and the local media reported.

Video footage taken by residents has caught traction on Youtube, one of which shows a badly bruised man being taken to a hospital after the big cat attacked him. Kannur is a city in Kerala, India. 

The video shows the leopard wandering into the city at around 4pm on Sunday. A huge crowd gathered, trying to capture the animal over the next several hours.

After a seven-hour chase using nets the leopard was finally caught by local authorities at around 11pm with the aid of a tranquilizer gun.

It has become common for animals from the wild to turn up in cities or towns in India as humans encroach into their habitat, due to urbanization.

Residents said that, with the on-going drought making conditions inside the forest extreme for the animals, more such incidents may occur.

In February, a leopard entered a school in Bengaluru and attacked 30 people.

On January 4, a leopard darted through the Indian city of Raigank, caused mayhem, running through homes and attacking at least 35 people before wildlife authorities got a hold of the animal.