Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Indian Twitter users were furious after doctor Kafeel Khan’s younger brother Kashif Jameel was shot at in Gorakhpur, late on Sunday night.

Khan, an accused in the Gorakhpur tragedy involving the death of 63 children, was released on bail last month, after he wrote a letter detailing the events that had unfolded in August last year. In his letter, Khan had alleged that he had been made a scapegoat for what was a “total administrative failure at the higher level.”

Many tweeps stood in Khan’s support. @sunilupdate wrote: “Dr #KafeelKhan has been getting threats ever since he was thrown into jail despite having worked to save the encephalitis hit children from dying at the BRD hospital in #Gorakhpur because of a shortage of oxygen supply.”

And, @Samanakhan786 added: “Dr. Kafeel and his family are paying for standing against all odds. How shamefully they are telling that he is accused of stealing oxygen. We are with him. We support #KafeelKhan @drkafeelkhan.”


To most tweeps this showed the failure of the Narendra Modi-led Indian government, that could not ensure citizens’ safety.

Twitter user @ManojMehra2610: “India is becoming unsafe day by day since Modi became Prime Minister! If you are not safe even in your home where will you live? Shame on Modi & Yogi #Gorakhpur #KafeelKhan.”

Twitter user @proudjosephite said that urgent action was required. He wrote: “Can the CM (Chief Minister) of UP (Uttar Pradesh) be taken into custody and reprimanded? The truth will come out. We all know the reason for this shoot out and the culprit behind it.”

Tweep @Sa_Beeee noted that Modi’s campaign slogan - Ache Din or good days for India, was not being fulfilled. She added: “Now the crazy Bhakts (Hindu right wing ideologists in India) of #NarendraModi go from abusing #PriyankaChopra, to celebrating the attack on #KafeelKhan’s brother! #AchheDin (Good days) is here for the #Bhakts!

Filmmaker Rakesh Sharma, @rakeshfilm posted: “#NewIndia, Is this the #AchcheDin you voted for?”

And many twitter users like @NoOne91661949 highlighted that Indians had made a bad decision by voting Modi into power: “Vote for Modi in any election and wait for this to happen to your family members. It doesn’t matter Hindu, Muslim, if you come in their way, you will be killed or your family, India heading towards ramrajya #KafeelKhan.”

Twitter user @Leninv87 also posted: “We are not ruled by political party, we are ruled by the mafia, which kills, threatens, loots and intimidates the people who oppose them. #KashifJameel”