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New Delhi: Police arrested a person for allegedly cheating another person of Rs3.5 million (Dh181,577) using a new SIM card.

The accused, Ramu, a native of Umari village in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, was arrested on Tuesday. He worked as a sanitary worker and also did some other part-time jobs. He had been residing in Noida for 10 years.

According to a press release, the complainant Parveen Nangia reported that after repeatedly receiving messages asking for a change of SIM cards, he visited the Airtel Store in East Patel Nagar, where he was told to apply for a new SIM card since his old SIM card was blocked.

He was also told that someone had applied for a new SIM card on his number and the SIM was not activated then. On the same day, Nangia reported that someone transferred Rs 38 lakh from his bank account to other accounts.

He said someone had issued his new SIM card with illegal and wrongful intentions to commit a fraudulent offense to dupe him.

A case under Section 420 of the IPC on December 3 was registered and investigation in the matter was taken up.

During the investigation, the police analysd the bank account of Nangia and found that the accused had blocked his SIM card and transferred his money to three separate accounts belonging to the persons named Ramu, Abhay Kumar, and Mayur.

The addresses of Kumar and Mayur were later found to be incorrect. Secret informers were deployed and based on the information, the police nabbed Ramu from his rented house in Sadarpur village, Noida.

During the interrogation, the accused revealed that he was approached by a person named Dinesh Yadav who asked him to get as many bank accounts opened as possible and for every account opened, he would get Rs10,000 cash.

He also opened a bank account in name of his wife in HDFC Bank. He gave passbook, cheque book and Debit card of these accounts to Dinesh Yadav for use, and received Rs40,000 from him.

Further investigation to nab others involved in the case is under way.