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Cops in Vadodara, in the Indian state of Gujarat have turned into cooks for a cause, amid the coronavirus lockdown. They are feeding poor migrant workers who are left starving due to lack of jobs. To achieve the feat, this week, the city police headquarters’ kitchen was transformed into a community kitchen.

According to news reports that were shared today, on social media, Saroj Kumari, District Commissioner of Police said that during patrolling, her police team saw several people who were hungry. “After seeing the needy persons, the department decided to start a kitchen,” she said.

The kitchen started with eight cops who would cook food after completing their duty hours, and distribute it to underprivileged persons in the evening.

Facebook user Anatara Dhar shared the news article and praised the cops. She wrote: “Such a thoughtful initiative, the cops have gone beyond their call of duty to help the poor.”

And tweep @balarath posted: “A positive gesture at a time when the central and the state governments are not effectively addressing the issue of starving migrant workers.”

People in the neighbourhood donate money, groceries

In the beginning, senior police officials donated money to the kitchen so that the cops could buy groceries. Initially, the police officials doubted that they would be able to sustain the kitchen.

However, other people, including a man who lost his daughter to cancer, started donating groceries to the police station when they learned about the initiative. The cops were then able to start prepare meals on a regular basis.

According to an Indian news report, Kumari said: "Some citizens of Sanskarinagri donated either groceries or money to the police instead of celebrating their birthday parties or anniversaries."

The DCP added that the police will continue to feed poor persons until the lockdown ends.