India Focus Softnet FOR WEB
Ali Hyder, Group CEO, Focus Softnet

Established in 1992, Focus Softnet has a rich history of innovation, expansion and growth. Right from its first product, the company’s emphasis has always been on continuous R&D and team work to ensure that its products are feature-rich and built on state-of-the-art technologies. Focus Softnet understands the challenges of today’s competitive business environment and the need for innovation, and to help address those challenges, the company offers custom-built

IT solutions to help companies focus on what they do best — to drive business and accelerate their success.

Partnering with reputed organisations and business associates across the world, Focus Softnet today has evolved into a true multinational organisation with 27 offices in 17 countries across Asia, Middle East, Africa and North America. As an IT solutions provider with more than

30 years of experience and multi-domain expertise, Focus Softnet consulting services and skill sets are backed by a vast knowledge base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business.

By re-engineering business processes and optimising resources, developing and deploying user-friendly, flexible and cost-efficient industry specific solutions, Focus Softnet has helped over 30,000 organisations across the globe grow their businesses by increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

Focus Softnet’s flagship ERP continuously in the R&D is serving its customers with the release of 10th version. The advanced architecture of Focus X unlocks the true power of the ERP, facilitating real-time insights and advanced data-processing capabilities, while offering superlative security. Focus X includes an advanced AI engine that sets it apart from conventional ERP, as it allows users to communicate with ERP and ask it to perform tasks such as fetching data, documents, reports etc. AI based predictive analysis would help many vertical industries in forecasting sales, manufacturing and stock requirements with over 101 algorithms to suit even the most unique business requirements.

Other solutions from the company — Customer Relation Management (CRM), Human Capital Management (HCM) — are simplistic in their way of usage while helping stakeholders with detailed analysis. With more than 1,000,000 users worldwide relying on Focus Softnet to get the better of market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation, Focus is all set to take the customer experience and journey to the next level through its latest releases.

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