A view of a damaged building in a flooded area, following heavy rains, in Prevalje, Slovenia August 6, 2023. Image Credit: Reuters

Beijing: At least 14 people are dead after torrential rain hit China's northeastern Jilin province, state media reported Sunday, the latest fatalities from more than a week of weather-related disasters across the country.

China has been hit with record heavy rains in recent weeks, with Beijing saying Friday that natural disasters had caused 147 deaths or disappearances last month.

A further 14 deaths and one missing person were reported on Sunday by state-run broadcaster CCTV, citing local authorities, after heavy rain in the northeastern city of Shulan.

Heavy rains in the area had now "basically ended", state news agency Xinhua said, with almost 19,000 evacuated and 21 "temporary relocation facilities" set up.

Torrential rain brought on in the aftermath of Storm Doksuri, which hit mainland China as a typhoon before veering northwards, is the most severe since records began 140 years ago.

Clean-up operations are ongoing after the overwhelming rainfall, which destroyed infrastructure and flooded entire districts.

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And authorities have warned that in parts of two major rivers in Heilongjiang and Jilin, "water levels surpassed the alert line", Xinhua reported.

CCTV broadcast video of recovery efforts in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, showing villagers using shovels to clear muddy water from buildings.

Millions of people have been hit by extreme weather events and prolonged heatwaves around the globe in recent weeks, events that scientists say are being exacerbated by climate change.

Officials also said Saturday that at least 10 people had been killed in floods in a city in Hebei province, one of the most affected by the rains, where more than 1.5 million people have been evacuated.