Most reports received by the municipality's command-and-control centre were about fallen trees Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: During the heavy rain and strong wind on Saturday, Dubai Municipality received up to 100 emergency reports, the civic authority revealed on Sunday.

Emergency crews sprang into action to tackle rainwater pools in a few Dubai neighbourhoods and fallen trees on several main and internal roadways were among the emergencies.

According to Dubai Municipality, the command-and-control centre in charge of administering and monitoring the emirate’s complete operations got up to 100 emergency reports as a result of the precipitation. There were 69 reports of fallen trees in neighbourhoods or on internal roads, and 16 reports of fallen trees on Dubai main roadways owing to strong wind speed. In addition, the Municipality received 18 requests for rainwater pool draining.

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In view of the changing weather situation, the Municipality said it had taken preventive precautions and had put its emergency response teams on standby. As the rain stopped, emergency crews began responding to emergency calls across Dubai.

This is part of the Dubai Municipality’s strategies and processes for managing Dubai’s diverse weather conditions all year long, ensuring rapid and efficient rainwater pool drainage, and removing hazardous trash that could jeopardise the general safety of residents, it said.

Additional workers

Moreover, the Municipality assigned additional workers to monitor garbage disposal procedures on roadways, such as tree branches, grass, and sand, as well as deal with rainwater pools and clogged subterranean drains caused by the overflow of water.

Dubai Municipality has asked the public to call the primary emergency number 800900 if they have any reports or emergencies related to the weather conditions that may endanger public safety.