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Oklahoma: A woman in Oklahoma in the US lost 18.5 stone (over 117kg) naturally over three years instead of going in for surgery, but ended up with loose folds of excess skin, which she is now awaiting to get removed, a media report said.

Catherine Shanklin weighed 30 stones and wore size 6XL trousers at her heaviest, but lost an incredible 18.5 stones naturally over three years.

Now, she is faced with managing 20lbs (over 9kg) of excess skin that hands in multiple folds, which she will have to get removed, the Daily Mirror reported.

"It took me exactly three years to lose the weight. It still shocks me when I see pictures and I'm like, 'Is that really me?' I am so glad I stayed the course to do it on my own and opted out of having a surgery," Shanklin was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.