The cat that was shot at with an air gun Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: A stray cat has been left severely injured in Al Warqa 3 after being shot with an air gun.

The Arabian mau was rushed to a veterinary hospital on Sunday where an emergency operation was conducted to remove a pellet lodged in the feline’s stomach.

Animal activist Fawad Kanaan, 38, said he and another resident found the stray in their neighbourhood.

“The cat appeared in bad shape and was unable to move. We realised something was amiss so we took the animal to a vet. Our worst fears were confirmed when an X-Ray revealed it had an air gun pellet lodged in its stomach body.”

The cat, now named Mooly, has made steady recovery since the operation and has been adopted.

Kanaan said he’s worried by the rising incidents of gun attacks on pets. “A couple of years ago, I found a cat whose face had been blown off. As it turned out, the animal had been shot by a gun from close range. Around three years ago we came across another cat with 36 air gun pellets lodged in its body. It was a miracle it survived,” said Kanaan.