Laila Mohammed Suhail
“The future in many ways starts now – and every citizen and resident of the country can look forward to another outstanding 50 years for the country,” said Laila Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Anyone who has made use of an offer during Dubai Shopping Festival or any of Dubai’s other promotions is to a degree connected with Laila Mohammed Suhail’s work. Because it is Laila who is responsible that each DSF or DSS comes with offers that are not pale repeats of what worked in the past. And that any consumer who buys here during these promotions get what they had bargained for.

That’s just one aspect of Laila’s job profile, which is that of CEO of Strategic Alliances and Partnership Sector at Dubai Tourism and Entities. There is another cap that she wears, and equally central in the smooth running of one of Dubai’s most anticipated annual promotions.

Laila Suhail
“I have been witness to seeing what the government can do to bring about forceful change. I have been blessed to have been part of some unique offerings that Dubai has come out with.”

That’s the ‘City of Gold’, which is mounted by Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group. She is Board Member and Chairperson – Marketing for the Group, which drives the multiple promotions for the gold and jewellery trade.

No wonder why on December 2, Laila is quite bullish about the UAE’s National Day being marked as the ‘World Futures Day’ by UNESCO. “The whole world will be joining the UAE in its celebrations – as a UAE National, what more can I ask,” queries Laila. “The future in many ways starts now – and every citizen and resident of the country can look forward to another outstanding 50 years for the country.”

Public profile

Laila has been in government service for more than 20 years, and she makes it clear that it was always front and centre of what she wanted to do. “Even by working within a government enterprise, we are competing with the private sector,” she said. “We have to achieve the vision of what the leadership wants to take this country to.

Major changes

If ‘City of Gold’ was how the world’s attention homed in on Dubai as a shopping destination for the metal, an updated version of the branding is on the way. Market sources talk about the trade planning to give equal attention to the diamond side of the trade, what with Dubai on way to carving quite a role as one of the world’s key precious stone hubs. There have been diamond auctions held at DMCC, and which have elicited sellout status.

Constant change is what Dubai has championed on all fronts, and the promotions space is no different. “My memory of past National Days was about being part of UAE’s achievements in some way or the other, or even just knowing about them,” said Laila. “Given the UAE’s record, it will continue to be.”