Out on a limb: ‘Wonkey Donkey’ whose leg had to be amputated to save his life. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An animal shelter in Dubai is seeking help for a donkey that has lost one of its legs. Wonkey Donkey, as he has come to be known, was found writhing in pain on a roadside in Al Ghail area near Ras Al Khaimah last week.

"His right leg was severely wounded and was wrapped with a crude bandage. There was no flesh around the knee bone, only a small flap from which the rest of the leg loosely dangled," recalls Laura Glanfield of Poshpaws Animal Sanctuary and Petting Farm, who had to get the leg amputated to save its life.

"We had no choice. As we unwrapped the bandage, we found hundreds of maggots feeding on the wound. The smell was so unbearable we had to wear a mask," she said.


"It was horrifying to see the poor animal dumped because his leg was injured and he was unable to work any more. I wonder how long his owners kept him working when his leg was first broken," said Dubai resident Simon Jackson who spotted him and alerted Poshpaws.

"The only way to save Wonkey Donkey was to amputate his leg and that was a big call," said Glanfield, explaining how she and equine vet Liesbeth Arnaerts kept awake all night nursing the animal. "His temperature was very low and he was anaemic. We had to give him six litres of fluid besides antibiotics to stabilise his condition. The operation was successful. There is a lot of after-care, but he will hopefully pull through," said Glanfield

The operation cost Poshpaws over Dh3,000. Jackson said he along with the company he works for were pitching in with some of the medical expenses.

"We could do with whatever help we can get to look after him," said Glanfield, hoping Wonkey Donkey will be able to put his burdened past behind him.