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Dubai: An Indian woman in Dubai has approached the cybercrime police in her home country via twitter to report an online stalker in Bengaluru in India’s southern Karnataka state.

Originally from Karnataka herself, the woman has urged Indian police to register a suo motu case based on complaint which has now gone viral.

The woman has tagged Bengaluru cybercrime police and Criminal Investigation Department in the post. She identified her online stalker as Siva Prasad from Bengaluru.

“The accused has been posting dirty and cheap comments on my Facebook post,” she said in her Twitter post. “I am an Indian from Mangaluru living in Dubai. I am writing to you to seek your help and advise on an issue i faced on July 1 on my Facebook account.” The post adds: “A random stranger, who is not on my friend list...happens to comment on one of my photos which i posted...i am shocked and at the same time agitated. This person thinks it is okay to pass cheap and dirty comments to anyone outside. I am sharing the posts here below with the screenshots of the conversation for your reference. My family and close friends reading this have been concerned how i will react if i get disturbed. I am strong luckily, but i am also concerned...if such incidents are not reported, it may end up in tragedy to someone who could not cope with such kind of people. Hence, i feel the need of speaking against such issues and crimes...(sic)”

Bengaluru police said they will investigate the matter. “We need the help of cybercrime experts from CID, which is currently sealed after nine staffers tested positive for Covid-19. Early next week, we will trace the suspect,” said an Indian media report citing a senior cybercrime officer.