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Abu Dhabi: An Indian man who works in Saudi Arabia, won the Dh10 million Big Ticket raffle on Tuesday night.

With Ticket No. 050897, Mohan Chandradas, won the jackpot during a Facebook live draw held in Abu Dhabi.

Chandradas, who lives in Saudi Arabia, was caught by suprise when he received a call from the Big Ticket team — Richard, Tim and Bushra.

"Really? Are you sure?" asked Chandradas in disbelief.

After the Big Ticket team assured him the call was not a prank, Chandradas said: "OK, thank you, thank you." He man added was out with friends buying stuff.

There were 9 other consolation prizes, plus a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Big 10 million Series 213 Winners list Image Credit: Gulf News


1. Dh10 million

Ticket No. 050897, Mohan Kumar Chandradas (India)

winner 0101
Nidal Shanwar, a Syrian dentist based in the UAE, won Dh12 million in the Big Ticket draw held in Abu Dhabi on February 3. He picked the winning ticket in March 3, 2020.
Surprise with Tim
Basel was picked as guaranteed winner of "Surprise with Tim" raffle.

2. Dh100,000

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Ticket No. 266719, Mohan Ganesan (India)

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3. Dh90,000

Ticket No. 098711, Leila Suresh (India)

laila suresh 90k winner
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4. Dh80,000

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Ticket No. 117270, Isameldin Abdulwahab (Sudan)

Rachel Sison Ama,
Winner of Dear Big Ticket: Rachel Sison Ama, a breast cancer patient who wrote to Big Ticket with her wish, upvoted by Big Ticket fans. She gets financial help from Big Ticket for her treatment.

5. Dh70,000

Ticket No. 050639, Bantval Keshava Shetty (India)

shetty 50k
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01211 70k
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6. Dh50,000

Ticket No. 032524, Mohanan Pulli (India)

Mohanan Pulli
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7. Dh30,000

Ticket No. 021630, Abdul Nazir Gul (Pakistan)

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Surprise with Tim
Winner of is Fredelyn (Philippines)
BT Winner of Samsung mobile phone
Surprise with Tim: Winner of the Samsung mobile phone

8. Dh20,000

Ticket No. 200570, Nadukkandi Parambil Sajith (India)

20k winner
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9. Dh10,000

Ticket No. 235877, Sunny Devaskutty, (India)

Big ticket winner
The Big Ticket draw in Abu Dhabi will only be a live streaming event on Tuesday, March 3. r and a mother of an 11-year-old son. Image Credit: Screengrab

10. Dh10,000 

Ticket No. 104291, Meyenne Casador (Philippines)

winner 10 k
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Jeep Grand Cherokee (Series 01)

Ticket No.: 029925, Akish Puthiyodath, India (from Dubai)

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Watch this space.

The Big Ticket draw is held every third day of a month in Abu Dhabi.

Closed for public viewing

This time, however, it will be closed for public viewing — and only have a live streaming.

This is a precautionary measure, organisers informed, considering events surrounding public health and safety amid coronavirus fears.

In an official statement, organisers said, "We would like to inform our loyal supporters that this month’s Big Ticket draw will be available for viewing only through live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. The event will be closed off to public attendance at this time."

A number of entertainment and sporting events have been cancelled or postponed in the UAE as precautionary measures following announcements of coronavirus cases in the country.

Bushra, Richard and Tim BT-003
Bushra, Richard and Tim during the draw on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 Image Credit: Screengrab

“We encourage everyone to watch the live broadcast of Big Ticket Raffle Draw Series 213 on the official Big Ticket Facebook and YouTube. Winners of Big Ticket Millionaire Draw Series 213 and Dream Car Raffle will be announced on the show as usual.”

A grand prize of Dh10 million and 9 consolation prizes, as well as a Jeep Grand Cherokee are up for grabs on Tuesday, March 3.

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It will be business as usual otherwise for organisers as the show’s main host Richard will be leading the winner selection and will be assisted by his co-hosts Tim and Bouchra. This will, however, only be in the presence of local media agencies.

The Big Ticket organiser added that more games and prizes for the social media audiences will also be in store for viewers of the live stream program.