20200720 hope probe
The H-2A rocket carrying the Hope Probe Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The UAE launched the Arab world’s first mission to Mars on Monday. UAE residents reacted to the country’s massive achievement — spearheading the first Arab interplanetary mission, designed to orbit Mars and provide the first-ever complete picture of Martian atmosphere. Here's what some prominent personalities have to say:

Khalifa Al Mansour, chief executive, ADX:

Khalifa Al Mansour

“Hope Probe is opening new frontiers of possibility for our youth, inspiring them to pursue space science. By prioritising such an ambitious advanced agenda, the mission has put our country in orbit to build scientific knowledge as our sustainable, future-proof economy will be a knowledge-based economy. Our young nation is creating a brand-new industry that is transforming our science community. The mission acts as a catalyst and a stimulating dynamic that is establishing our country as a beacon of progress in the region. At ADX, we congratulate the team from the UAE who conceived, designed and built Hope Mars and we are enthusiastic supporters of an initiative that will propel our country’s holistic growth to a higher orbit”.

Kamal Vachani, group director, Al Maya Group:

Kamal Vachani

“The Mars Hope Probe will be another landmark space mission, which truly reflects the vision of the UAE rulers for a digital-first future. We celebrate the defining moment when the first Arab space mission will start its journey towards Mars. This journey to space shows that the UAE has innovation, resilience and efforts to compete with the greatest of nations in the race for knowledge.”

Rizwan Sajan, founder and chairman, Danube Group:

Rizwan Sajan

“It’s definitely a proud moment for all of us in the UAE as we will be the first Arab nation to reach the Red Planet. This will be a historic achievement, which will demonstrate the UAE’s space capabilities. I am confident that our scientists will continue to scale greater heights and win more laurels for the UAE in the field of space exploration. It does intrigue me to know more about our space and I am really excited to keep a tab on such missions inspired by the vision of this wonderful country.”

Mohammed Al Sharaf, chief operations officer, Eltizam Asset Management Group:

“The launch of the ‘Hope Probe’ represents a starting point of the UAE’s journey into a new era.

Mohammed Al Sharaf

Today, we are standing on the threshold of a historic achievement — one where our country begins its participation in the global race for space exploration. This landmark bid will play a key role in the move to further develop the capabilities of national competencies in the field of space technology and science, which in turn will provide a much-needed boost for international scientific and technological research.”

Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, chairman, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy:

“We congratulate our wise leadership and all Emiratis who have been part of this accomplishment. This marks a significant milestone in the UAE’s journey and its role at the fore of global aspirations to explore the red planet and the tremendous opportunities it brings for the future of humankind.

Awaidha Murshed Al Marar

This historic achievement is the fruit of the unrelenting efforts of the UAE people who have demonstrated a commendable commitment to hard work and perseverance, inspired by the legacy of our founding fathers who have created the blueprint for a great nation in the heart of the desert, and guided by the foresight and resilience of our current leadership.

The Hope Probe project sends a powerful message that we are capable of magnificent accomplishments. It shows the glory of our civilisation and, once again, how we can export our ideas and science to the world.

We hope the project will bring prosperity to the UAE and the world.”

Colm McLoughlin, executive vice-chairman & CEO, Dubai Duty Free:

“Congratulations to the UAE for the successful launch of the Emirates Mars Mission ‘Hope Probe’ — the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission.

Colm McLoughlin

This is a monumental occasion in the nation’s history and we congratulate the country’s leaders as well as the team behind this historic achievement. It is a very proud moment for all.”

Paras Shahdadpuri, chairman, Nikai Group of Companies:

UAE’s Mars HOPE Probe Mission is one of its kind and an extraordinary bold initiative by UAE where 200 Emiratis have worked day and night to reach this landmark moment today.Our heartiest congratulations to the visionary leadership of the UAE for the landmark initiative. UAE has joined the rare and exclusive group of a few countries who have achieved the feat of sending a spacecraft on an interplanetary mission to the Red Planet of Mars.

Paras Shahdadpuri